GET BRITAIN OUT: A Vote on Article 50 Will Show Which ‘Remoaner’ MPs Despise Democracy

article 50

“I respect the referendum, but…” is the new mantra for Remoaner MPs – and is always followed by an explanation of why the referendum ought to be ignored.

It is a delicious contradiction in terms, illuminating the public on the vacuous nature of the MP who is saying it. Unfortunately, these MPs are allowed to get away with it time and time again.

Despite the will of the people being clear in the EU Referendum, far too many of our elected representatives hold us Brexiteers in complete contempt. They hold our political views in contempt. They hold our intelligence in contempt. But even worse, they hold our socio-economic background in contempt.

This is precisely why we hold them in contempt too.

The Daily Telegraph has recently reported the extent of their disdain for the wishes of the people. Sources have told the Telegraph, 84 MPs will support the Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, in blocking Article 50 if a vote is held in Parliament. We know the names of some of these individuals, but not all have been honest enough to reveal where they stand.

The Lib Dems, SNP and SDLP will all attempt to block Brexit – en masse – with the assistance of some Conservative and Labour MPs.

To give credit where credit is due, it’s refreshing to hear many ‘Remain’ supporting MPs declaring their support for triggering Article 50 – in order to facilitate the people’s wishes. It is also refreshing to hear of common ground between the Conservative and Labour parties, both parties having decided to support the triggering of Article 50.

However, there are some MPs who have not got the message. Instead, they intend to try and frustrate the will of the people, due to a belief in their own infallibility and a clear contempt for democracy.

We do not have a problem with MPs holding differing views on Brexit, and we have no problem with their continuing support for the EU. But attempting to block the result of the EU referendum is a completely different kettle of fish. It is an insult to all the voters who voted ‘Leave’ – more than have ever come out to vote for any political party in any UK General Election.

We don’t want to force MPs to change their minds, we want them to implement the decision which was determined by the electorate. A vote in Parliament, should the Supreme Court action fail, would allow the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 and start Brexit negotiations. It would do no more than that. This is merely a mechanism to enable the result of the EU referendum, not a statement of anyone’s personal political view.

Anything short of voting for Article 50 to be triggered would be a clear attempt to undermine the result of the referendum, and it would only lead to further distrust of politicians and our democratic system.

Fortunately, when it comes to an election, these Remoaner MPs will feel the wrath of an angry electorate who have been let down. But all is not as it seems. The MPs who are most vocal in their attempt to defy their parties are those MPs in safer seats – Catherine West, David Lammy, Owen Smith and Thangam Debbonaire – and Ken Clarke stepping down at the next election.

Get Britain Out is far more interested in rebel MPs in marginal constituencies – especially those where the ‘Leave’ vote was high – who have much more to lose than just the size of their majority. We hear there are 84 MPs who will challenge the vote, but a large number of names have not yet come to light. Perhaps they are assessing what is more important – their seat at the next election, or a futile attempt to block a democratic decision!

Instead of all the pessimism about the Supreme Court case, perhaps we ought to look forward to an Article 50 vote. It will show once and for all which MPs believe in their role as the people’s representative, and those who despise democracy altogether.

If you don’t believe in democracy Member of Parliament, then come out and say it, instead of hiding behind anonymous newspaper sources. The Great British Public deserves to know!

Matthew Ellery is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out.