Public Backlash Forces Council To Pull Facebook Campaign for Fostering Child Migrants

AP Photo/Eric Gay

A local authority was forced to shut down a Facebook campaign to find foster homes for relocated migrant children after locals took to the page to protest against migration policy.

The council said the comments were “racist”.

The government has indicated that it would like to send 70 child migrants to Leicestershire under a relocation programme which aims to spread the youngsters across the country.

But Leicestershire County Council has so far not placed any of the children placed into its care. Instead they are being looked after by other councils.

In October and November, the Council ran a Facebook campaign designed to attract more carers, but brought it to a close early because it was attracting negative comments.

Council cabinet member for children’s services, Councillor Ivan Ould, told his colleagues in a recent meeting: “We had a campaign, a high profile social media campaign.

“It was asking if people would be prepared to foster some of these refugees.

“We had to shut down one of the outlets.

“Why did we have to shut it down?

“Because not everyone sees the duty in the way I do, there was racist abuse and as a result one of the social media outlets had to be closed.”

Cllr Ould did not disclose any details on the nature of the comments, but the Leicester Mercury has reported that “a number” shared links to stories in the media reporting that many of the so-called child migrants were in fact adults.

Others were said to have expressed “extreme anti-immigrant sentiments.”

A county council spokesman said the comments had been monitored by the council, which had opted to remove some of them.

The council has estimated that the cost of caring for the 70 asylum seekers will come in at over £4.6 million, of which £2 million will have to come out of the council’s general budget, leading to angry comments also being left on the local newspaper’s site.

“The cynical manipulation of language is no coincidence. Conflating economic migrants with refugees, children with adults etc, just goes to show how much the elites and their lapdogs in the media despise the public. “Everything’s racist, everyone’s Hitler ” is all they have left,” commented one reader.

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