Police Officer Who Spoke out on Migrant Crime Now Under Investigation for Racial Hatred


A police officer who broke ranks to reveal that migrants are to blame for the vast majority of serious crime in Sweden is now under investigation for incitement to racial hatred.

Peter Springare’s exasperated rant describing the face of crime in Sweden received a huge amount of attention since it was posted to Facebook on Friday 3rd.

In the post, the officer concedes that while it’s not politically correct to say so, almost all the serious crime cases he had dealt with over the past week involved migrants. He also states that this situation has been ongoing for the last decade or more.

But now the department of internal investigations is probing Mr. Springare for incitement to racial hatred as a result of the post, police have confirmed.

Communications officer at Örebro police, Anders Sjöberg, said the police officer will continue to work until the investigation is concluded. If Mr. Springare’s Facebook activity is found to be criminal, his position in the police will be reviewed, Bergslagen human resources manager Olov Augrell told SVT.

“It is a crime in the Criminal Code so I decided to start a preliminary investigation”, said Maria Sterup, chief prosecutor of the Special Prosecution Office in Malmö.

Mr. Springare has received massive support for the controversial post, with a Facebook group called ‘Stand Up for Peter Springare’ netting more than 100,000 members in less than a week. In it, people have written to express their support for the police officer and to thank him for his honesty.

In a post which welcomes new members to the group, administrator Pia Larsson said: “Peter made an incredible contribution when he put the cards on the table and described his work week. Many of us felt incredible relief that the truth had come out — finally.”

Appearing on SVT Tuesday night renowned criminologist Leif GW Persson also came to Mr. Springare’s defence. He described the Facebook post as “refreshing”, and said he believes that most police officers are voting for the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) party.

In the post being investigated for ‘hate speech’, in which the veteran police officer described his week of dealing with violent crime, Mr. Springare wrote: “Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher… what is it true? Yes a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.

“Now, we’re talking just Örebro municipality. And these crimes take up our capacity to investigate 100 per cent. This is what it looks like here, and has been like for the past 10-15 years.”


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