Outspoken Swedish Police Officer Who Linked Migration to Crime Praises Trump’s Comments


Veteran police detective Peter Springare has welcomed U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s intervention in the Swedish crime debate, saying he hopes it opens the eyes of politicians who have reacted “like teenagers”.

President Trump urged people to “look at what’s happening last night in Sweden” at a recent rally. His comments were in reference to a Fox News report on the impact of mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism on the country which aired the previous evening.

The president also referred to Islamist atrocities in Paris, Nice, and Germany, but his remarks of Sweden were singled out for a furious reaction from pro-migration politicians and commentators. They complained that nothing of note had happened on the night in question — although there was an outbreak of looting and rioting in migrant communities a few days later.

Orebro-based Springare, however, has criticised his country’s leadership for acting as though all is well in an interview with The Sunday Times.

“The politicians have reacted to Trump like teenagers when someone criticises their hair as ugly,” said the policeman, who had previously spoken out on Sweden’s escalating migrant crime wave. “I hope he has opened their eyes.”

He added that “the common people don’t need Trump to do that” because, unlike the politicians, “they already understand the ideas I have brought up”.

Springare reiterated his belief that “the highest and most extreme violence — rapes and shooting — is very dominated by criminal immigrants.

“This is a different criminality that is tougher and rawer. It is not what we would call ordinary Swedish crime. This is a different animal.

“It is taboo to talk about the issues behind it. If we bring it up, the politicians of the centrist parties, the ones with power, brush us off. They say, ‘We know, we know there are challenges.’ It is not just a challenge — it is a problem.”

According to The Sunday Times, the Swedes have taken in some 275,000 asylum seekers since 2014. The number of rapes reported in the country, which has an estimated population of just ten million, leapt by 13 per cent last year.

The populist Sweden Democrats party, which opposes the open door policies of the current government, have also stated that “Trump is right” about the country’s problems.

Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam also urged pundits to “get your heads out of your rears” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after personally visiting Husby, one of Sweden’s notorious migrant-dominated residential areas.


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