Millionaire Gina Miller Fights Brexit as She ‘Can’t Think of Anything Better’ to do with Money


Gina Miller, the millionaire former model who beat the government in court over triggering Article 50, has said she is fighting on against Brexit because “I can’t think of anything better to do with the success I have”.

The 51-year-old took the cause to the Supreme Court, forcing the government to seek parliamentary approval before implementing the will of the people expressed in the referendum, before launching the anti-Brexit Campaign2018 last month.

Her new campaign aims to further empower MPs to amend or extend the Brexit negotiations, with “the possibility of [continued] membership” retained.

Specifically, it is demanding an amendment “allow[ing] Parliament a full vote on the outcome of the negotiations, eighteen months from the triggering of Article 50…”

As a wealthy, metropolitan activist who has never sought elected office, Ms. Miller’s actions have angered some as a subversion of democracy. The millionaire, however, says she is merely upholding the constitutional principles of the UK.

Now, she has explained her motivations differently and implied her campaigns are a sort of pastime for the wealthy.

“I have come to a place where I have been successful in my professional career,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live. “It is my money and my decision and my actions, and I can’t think of anything better to do with the success I have.

“We don’t have a fully functioning opposition and we don’t have ministers voting with their conscience… I wish the politicians would do the jobs they’re paid for.

“It’s frustrating that they’re taking their salaries, they’re taking their expenses and they’re sitting there and not doing their job. They’re not putting the country first, they’re putting their political careers first,” she said.

Ms. Miller also claimed she would never stand as an MP as she was unable to “toe the party line”.

The campaigner has previously blamed some of the opposition to her campaigns on her ethnicity.

“I didn’t anticipate that as an ethnic woman that I’d get the abuse that was personal to me. I do believe that if I were a white male, I wouldn’t have endured what I’ve endured,” she told LBC Radio at the end of January.

Yesterday, the government insisted its timetable for triggering leaving the European Union (EU) is on track, despite a defeat in the House of Lords supported by the Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders.


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