Migrants Angered by Poor Mobile Reception Trash Asylum Centre and Hospitalise Police Officer

JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images
JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

Migrants at an asylum centre in Rees-Haldern, Germany, trashed their accommodation with iron bars after becoming enraged by the poor mobile phone reception in the building’s lobby area.

The Daily Mail reports the eight men from Ghana and Togo, aged between 18 and 28, also tried to break into the secure room where guards had been forced to take shelter.

Two dozen armed police were required to quell the riot, one of whom was hospitalised suffered a “complicated break” in his foot.

The migrants will stand trial for actual bodily harm, serious breach of the peace, criminal damage, property damage, and resisting arrest.

Migrant riots have become a regular feature of life in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that there was “no limit” on the number of people the country would take in September 2015.

Turks and Kurds fought running battles on the streets of Frankfurt later that month, bringing a long-running Anatolian conflict to the heart of Europe.

Mass brawls broke out between migrants at asylum centres in Spandau and Tempelhof in November 2015, resulting in buildings being evacuated “in fear and panic”.

Afghan migrants tried in March 2016 for attacking police officers en masse and wrecking their asylum centre in claimed they had been behaving according to Afghan custom and did not understand German law.

In October 2016, migrants rioted at a centre in Reinickendorf, north Berlin, destroying property and attacking, injuring, and robbing security staff.

Breitbart London reporting on mass disorder in Dortmund on New Year’s 2016 was officially denied by German authorities, but the substantive details involving illegal fireworks and a fire at one of the city’s oldest churches were largely corroborated.

Beyond these examples, German police confessed last year they have had to respond to hundreds of violent incidents at asylum centres, with the federal police admitting that a massive spike in crime has been driven by migration in a much-delayed November 2016 report.

The Berlin Senate has launched an official inquiry into the sheer scale of migrant crime in the German capital, while police in Munich report that almost half of suspects are now “non-German”. Police in the city of Ludwigsburg have even had to establish a specialist “migrant crime team”.

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