Underage Runaway Migrants in Germany Forced into Prostitution and Drug Peddling

TOPSHOT - Children walk through a former industrial warehouse at the Oinofyta refugee camp, some 60 km north of Athens, on March 13, 2017 in Oinofyta. The Oinofyta refugee camp, located some 60km north of Athens, hosts mainly Afghani familes. / AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI (Photo credit should read …

Underage migrants who run way from asylum homes are finding themselves reduced to selling drugs or becoming child prostitutes for as little as €10 in the German capital of Berlin.

After taking in over a million asylum seekers during the migrant crisis, Germany has seen many migrants simply disappear from asylum centres. Two investigative journalists have uncovered that many of the estimated 9,000 underage migrants may have been seduced by radical Islamists, or end up on the streets selling their bodies or drugs, Die Welt reports.

German journalists Natalie Amiri and Anna Tillack travelled to an asylum home for underage migrants where they saw pictures on the wall of various people with lines through them, meaning they had gone missing. The pair focused on one boy, an Afghan named Mubarak, and decided to try and find him, filming their experience in a documentary.

Mubarak was born in 2000 in Afghanistan and was living in an asylum home in Bautzen, and had not been seen in 10 days. According to his friends, he became unreachable by social media or Whatsapp.

The journalists asked police about the missing migrants and were told that many cases go unsolved because they are overwhelmed.

In Berlin, the pair met a man named Hojat who says that in the hostel where he first lived that men would visit and have sex with the children for as little as €10 and a few cigarettes. He said the asylum home workers would simply leave the room during the incidents.

Later in the film, an Iranian man described how he saw migrants selling their bodies on the streets. He even claimed several of them ended up with HIV due to heroin use.

The filmmakers eventually find that Mubarak is in an asylum home in France, and like so many other migrants wants to go to the UK.

Some, like German Muslim leader Aiman Mazyek, have claimed even worse fates for the missing underage migrants, saying many could be the victims of organ trafficking.

The claim could be backed up by evidence from the phone of a people smuggler in Italy that showed not only that migrants were having their organs removed, but even showed instances of cannibalism amongst the people smugglers from Africa.

Italy has also had to deal with many migrants being forced into prostitution as women from Africa are made to walk the streets to pay back money loaned to them by people smugglers.

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