‘Marine A’ Now a Terrorist Target, Given Police Protection

Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

Sergeant Alexander Blackman, know as Marine A, will receive police protection when he is released from jail after it emerged he is a terrorist target.

Sgt. Blackman was jailed for killing a wounded Taliban terrorist on duty in the heat of battle in Afghanistan, but had his sentence reduced from murder to manslaughter earlier this week.

Appeal judges accepted evidence from three psychiatrists that he had been suffering from a mental health disorder at the time of the shooting that impaired his decision-making.

His sentence was brought down from a life sentence to seven years, and he is due to be released before Easter after serving around three and a half years. He has, however, been dismissed from the Royal Marines.

According to The Times, his wife Claire Blackman has now revealed the pair has received advice on upgrading security at their home, alerting police to their whereabouts, minimising their online presence, and on what to do if they are followed.

Jonathan Goldberg QC, Sgt. Blackman’s barrister, said: “Doubtless Al and Claire are now in the crosshairs of Islamist fanatics, but their local police have been magnificent.”

The appeal judges also said video of the shooting, recorded by another Marine’s head-cam, should not be released as it would be of propaganda value to jihadists.

They maintained that Sgt. Blackman had “deliberately killed” the wounded terrorist in an act that had “a material adverse effect” on the reputation of the British armed forces.

However, the court took account of mitigating factors, including Blackman’s “outstanding service record”, the effect on him of the conflict in Afghanistan, and his perception of a “lack of leadership” from his senior officers in 42 Commando.

Mrs. Blackman told Today on BBC Radio 4: “There are huge lessons to be learned from this case in so many aspects, from the court martial process itself, through to the way that our servicemen and women are supported during particularly stressful circumstances.”

Sgt. Blackman “never denied that his actions on that day were caused by a serious lack of judgment, which we now know to be due to a combat stress disorder”, she added.


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