Soros: Britain Could Rejoin EU Before Brexit Completed, Anti-Immigration Hungary is ‘Mafia State’

Global financier George Soros during the 2nd European Roma Summit in Cordoba, Spain Thursday April 8, 2010. The meeting is to promote policies in favor of the Roma population. (AP Photo/Miguel Angel Morenatti)
AP/Miguel Angel Morenatti

Globalist financier George Soros said Thursday that Brexit would be “immensely damaging”, and argued Britain could want to rejoin the European Union (EU) before the split is complete.

At the Brussels Economic Forum Thursday, Soros said Brexit talks are likely to drag on for five years, a period the Hungarian billionaire described as “a very long time in politics, especially in revolutionary times like the present.”

Soros used his keynote speech at the flagship annual economic event of the European Commission to assert that the UK will hold another general election within the next five years, at which Britons “may vote for being reunited” with Brussels, reports Euractiv.

“This seems practically inconceivable right now, but in reality, it is quite attainable,” he remarked ,but argued Brussels should first introduce “far-reaching reforms” to transform the EU into an organisation more countries would be keen to join.

In a companion piece written for the liberal, internationalist and fiercely anti-populist Project Syndicate website, also published Thursday, the Hungarian billionaire demanded more cooperation across Europe with regards to feeding, housing, and redistributing the migrants who arrive in boatloads by the thousands each week.

“Europe still lacks a comprehensive migration policy”, chastises Soros, whose Open Society Foundations (OSF) funnels cash to a number of groups which ferry migrants to Europe, and yet more which mobilise newcomers to vote against the interests of native populations in the EU.

“If Europe could make meaningful progress on alleviating the refugee crisis, the momentum would change to a positive direction,” writes the notorious financier, despite leaked OSF documents revealing Soros proclaimed that mass migration to Europe should be accepted as a “new normal”, carrying with it “new opportunities” for the billionaire’s cash to influence immigration policies on a global scale.

Soros also took aim at Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, stating: “I have strenuously resisted Orbán’s attempts to translate our ideological differences into personal animosity- and I have succeeded,”

However, the globalist billionaire accused Orbán of having established a “mafia state” in Hungary, and claimed the Hungarian people are on his side.


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