Man Accused of Islamophobic Hijab Attack Says he was ‘Racially Abused’ by Muslim on Underground


A man accused of an “Islamophobic” hate crime by a Muslim on Twitter has denied the assault, insisting the story was made up, and that he and his partner were in fact racially abused by the other party.

The story – played out on social media and involving numerous competing claims and counter claims of alleged religious and ethnic aggregative factors – has been latched onto by activists and journalists alike.

A Muslim woman, 18, and her ‘Christian’ friend say a man tore off her hijab and spat in her face. After identifying him online, they contacted his employer demanding action, and called him a racist.

The man has since strongly denied the claims, insisting he merely broke up a fight started when his black girlfriend was attacked by the Muslim woman and her friends.

He claims the attack was launched on his girlfriend because they are in an “interracial relationship”.

British Transport Police have confirmed to Breitbart London they are investigating both claims, and say they may release CCVT at a later stage.

Some on online have said the saga is a “terrifying” example of how the modern hate crime industry and “kangaroo court” of social media and public opinion can distort justice.

It all began when the Muslim women, Aniso Abdulkadir, Tweeted a photo of the man and his girlfriend on London’s tube, captioned: “This man at Baker Street station forcibly attempted to pull my hijab off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf he hit me.” The Tweet has now been deleted.

She added on the social media site: “He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face… The woman was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive.”

Her photo quickly garnered more than 30,000 re-Tweets, with people praising her for “calling out racism” and urging the public to help “track down” the couple.

However, when the man responded, saying he was “accused of completely false allegations” and making counter claims, his account was largely ignored by the media until some online began questioning Ms. Abdulkadir’s story.

Pawel Uczciwek, who has identified himself as the man in the photograph, also wrote: “I defended my partner by trying to completely diffuse a racist attack from three random females… I NEVER hit, or attacked anyone…”

“The police is fully cooperative with me and will be able to obtain CCTV footage showing the three women attempting to attack my partner because we are in an interracial relationship”, the 28-year-old architect from London added.

The complainant’s friend, known as “Lux” online, claimed to have been there and wrote on Twitter: “Islamophobia has been normalised and it’s genuinely scary… whatever counter argument even if it’s completely absurd people will agree with it just so they can blame Muslims for everything…”

As people more people began questioning her account, Ms. Abdulkadir also hit back by labeling them racist. “For those continuously calling me a liar: I owe no one an explanation”, she wrote, adding: “I put this post out to find our attacker… not for dead ass racists to be all up in my mentions giving their trivial comments”.


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