London Bridge Terrorist May Have Radicalised Young Children at School Where he Taught

London Bridge
Channel 4

New details have emerged about London Bridge terror group ringleader Khuram Butt, the 27-year-old Islamist who was shot dead by police in June, which reveals him as a proselytising radical who used positions of trust to recruit young Muslims.

Terrorist Khuram Butt led fellow Islamists Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba in their attack on London bridge, in which they drove a hire van into pedestrians before disembarking and charging Friday-night revellers with knives while wearing fake suicide vests. They killed eight, and injured 48 before being killed by a police armed response unit.

A new report by Britain’s Mail on Sunday reveals Butt’s Islamist activities extended beyond his deadly attack, and apparently influenced his teaching at an East London Muslim school, and his work at a nearby Muslim gym where he worked as a trainer and met his fellow attackers.

The paper reports Butt volunteered as a volunteer after-school Koran teacher at the Eton Community School in Ilford, East London, formerly known as the Ad-Deen Primary School, where he took classes of up to five children at once. Butt was known locally as an Islamist, and had appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about Islamic extremism in Britain.

Despite that, he was still able to attain a position at the school to teach. Locals since expressed fears he was radicalising children and the headmistress passed on a list of names to the authorities.

It is reported that police and social services have been made aware of Butt’s teach activities and are now identifying children that would have been under his care to determine the extent to which his influence was made.

Despite his presence, the school managed to attain an improved rating by the British schools inspectorate, Ofsted, just two months before the London Bridge attack. The body defended their record on not picking up on the terrorist’s teaching, stating: “Ofsted does not have the necessary legislative powers to inspect madrassas or after-school centres. We work closely with the Department for Education.

“Eton Community School received a full inspection in February 2016 when it was found to be inadequate. Since then it has had two follow up inspections. In February 2017 we found the school was able to demonstrate it was meeting all the necessary standards.”

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