Asylum Seekers Banned from Cultural Centre After Violence and Sex Assaults

A migrant waits along the road after Italian police broke up their group at the Italy-France border, in Ventimiglia, on June, 13, 2015. The Italian police, wearing riot gear, tried to push the migrants back towards the town of Ventimiglia, five kilometres (three miles) from the border, but a group …

The town of Plauen in Saxony has banned asylum seekers from attending a disco at the local cultural centre after a number of violent incidents and sex attacks on young girls.

Every Wednesday the cultural centre in Plauen puts on a dance night for local residents, but in recent weeks every dance has required police presence because of the actions of young asylum seekers. According to the centre’s spokesman, Tommy Ziegenhagen, “there were no more Wednesdays without the police”. As a result, asylum seekers have been banned from participating, Freiepresse reports.

According to Ziegenhagen, the more asylum seekers who showed up for the dance night, the more problems there were. There were reports of bags and wallets being stolen, girls were sexually harassed, and one girl was almost raped by a group of young men whilst she was on the toilet.

Violence was also an issue with some of the young migrants attacking each other and other guests with beer bottles. Many neighbours also complained about the high level of noise.

The doorman now requires identification in order to let anyone in the free event. Those who do not have residency documents are told they can not enter. Since the ban, Ziegenhagen has said the security situation has become much better. “We could not guarantee security anymore,” he said.

The asylum seekers are still allowed to use the cultural centre at any other time as the dance night was a sponsored event, rather than something put on by the cultural centre itself.

The case has some paralels to events at a left-wing club on Conne Island in Leipzig last year. The pro-migrant left-wing club invited asylum seekers to engage in various activities like building bicycles and other workshops to promote “integration”.

As the asylum seekers came, the number of sex attacks on Conne Island increased. Sexual harassment toward female members of the club became so great that many chose to avoid events. The club organisers blamed a language barrier for the increase in sex attacks and other violence saying they had not been able to properly explain to the migrants how to behave.

Sex attacks at swimming pools by asylum seekers have also plagued Germany and neighbouring Austria.  Whilst some towns and municipalities have attempted to ban asylum seekers as a result of attacks, many faced massive amounts of pressure from left-wing groups who were against the bans.

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