Labour MP Won’t ‘Hang out’ with Tory Women Because ‘They Are the Enemy’

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New Labour Party MP Laura Pidcock has said she would not be friends with Conservative women because they are the “enemy”.

In an interview with Labour-supporting blog Skwawkbox, Ms. Pidcock said she has “absolutely no intention of being friends with any [Tories]”.

“The idea that they’re not the enemy is simply delusional,” the 29-year-old MP for North West Durham added.

These comments come following similar statements the self-professed “feminist socialist” made to website refinery29 when she said she would not be friends with women from the Conservative Party.

Finding comfort and support amongst other Labour women, she told refinery29 excitedly: “We have a WhatsApp group! They’re all really supportive, answering questions about anything from procedure to women’s issues.”

The Jeremy Corbyn-supporting MP said she would not, however, “hang out with Tory women” who she said are “no friends of mine” and “an enemy to lots of women”.

One of the youngest MPs elected to the House of Commons, she admitted in her maiden speech that she found the processes of Parliament “confusing” and “archaic”.

The ‘anti-racism’ campaigner told Skwawkbox: “I was always brought up to dislike Tory ideology and in a family of five there were always very frank discussions going on!” adding that: “It was my union that got me into Labour.”

Concerned that her interviews may alienate her constituents, she tweeted Wednesday morning that “she represent[s] everyone regardless of who they voted for” – after proudly tweeting her articles with Skwawkbox and refienry29 earlier in the week.

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