Hamas-Linked Council on American-Islamic Relations Welcomes Resignation of Dr. Seb Gorka

Sebastian Gorka (Mark WIlson / Getty)
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The controversy-ridden Council on American-Islamic Relations has welcomed the resignation of Dr. Sebastian Gorka from the White House.

The group — which has campaigned for the dismissal of Dr. Gorka from the beginning of the Trump administration — stated:

“We welcome the resignation of Sebastian Gorka as a presidential adviser… His extremist and Islamophobic views, and his reported past and current associations with racist and anti-Semitic groups, should have disqualified him from any government position.”

The “anti-Semitic” talking point has been widely circulated since Dr. Gorka first took the job as Deputy Assistant to the President in January, but has been widely debunked, with even CNN being forced to concede the network “has found no evidence Gorka holds anti-Semitic views”.

Meanwhile, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was name as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial and Hamas financing case that resulted in the FBI discontinuing its working relationship with the organization. In 2009, a federal judge concluded that the government had found “ample evidence” to link CAIR with Hamas.

CAIR has also been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Hamas is a terrorist organization which routinely disseminates and distributes both anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic tropes.

Breitbart News has previously reported that several of CAIR’s board members, employees, and former employees “have been jailed or repatriated for various financial and terror-related offenses.”

Responding to the CAIR position, Dr. Gorka said: “I’ll have to add this to my Resume. Given that CAIR was an unindicted coconspirator in the largest terrorist finance trail in US history”.

Following the news of Dr. Gorka’s resignation, national security sources in Washington, D.C. have told this correspondent they feel less ambitious about President Trump’s approach to radical Islamic terrorism.

Speaking of a long-discussed proscription of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, the sources were less than optimistic about the chances of this now happening.

Meanwhile, CAIR appears to have gone to bat for H.R. McMaster — broadly viewed as one of the White House globalists behind the purge of populist, nationalist staffers.

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London and author of No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You


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