‘For the Nation’: UKIP Launches Lion Logo, ‘out Now’ Campaign in Party Re-Brand

UKIP new logo
Oliver JJ Lane / Breitbart London

TORQUAY, United Kingdom — Speaking shortly before the party is expected to announce its new leader, the UK Independence Party revealed their new logo, slogan, and a doorstep campaign.

Revealing two options for a new logo for conference delegates to vote on Friday morning, party members opted for a design featuring a lion over a series of simplified shapes five to one, interim leader Steve Crowther announced.

Also appearing for the first time are new slogans, ‘For the Nation’, and ‘Great Britain. United Kingdom. Sovereign State.’

The new device replaces the well-known pound-sign logo, which was first conceived when Britain was at risk of abandoning sterling and joining the European Union’s single currency euro.

Whilst the lion logo has been positively received by UKIP supporters at conference, it has been mocked in some quarters. Left wing British tabloid The Mirror reports Twitter users have compared the design to that of the football Premier League.

In a speech slamming “leftist dogma that has destroyed every country it has ever got its hand on”, UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther identified “the enemy” as those within British society who work to deconstruct the nation and delay Brexit.

Attacking the British political establishment in his last speech before UKIP’s new leader takes charge Friday afternoon, Crowther said Brexit was at risk of being sabotaged by the government, citing Theresa May’s widely-panned “Florence flop” speech from a week before.

The prime minister had used her address to step down over a number of issues and announce Britain was to be held in the European Union and extra two years whilst paying an unspecified Brexit bill.

Announcing that UKIP was the party to fight these attempts to block Brexit, Crowther unveiled the logo for the party’s new Out Now campaign, which he described as a re-launch of the original Brexit campaign that was to be a national doorstep effort to keep enthusiasm for Britain leaving the European Union high.

The changes come after a difficult year for UKIP following the successful Brexit referendum in 2016, whilst the party has struggled for relevance and suffered leadership issues.

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