Terror-Linked Radical Sect Ordered to Demolish Illegal London Mega-Mosque

Abbey Mills mosque
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An East London mega-mosque built and run by a radical, anti-Western Islamic sect is illegal and must be demolished, a High Court judge has ordered.

Abbey Mills Mosque near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford can be used by some 2,500 people, but never received planning permission, Dawn reports.

Member of the Tablighi Jamaat group constructed it in 1996 as a supposedly temporary Islamic centre on the site of an old factory.

Tablighi Jamaat preaches a supremacist, anti-Western form of Islam and has been linked to the 7/7 terrorists, a San Bernardino shooter, and more recently the London Bridge attack.

Part of the Deobandi movement, founded in British colonial India specifically to oppose Western influence, the more hardline Tablighi Jamaat offshoot has been labelled the ‘army of darkness.’

They dominate Muslim schools in the UK, controlling 600 of Britain’s nearly 1,500 mosques and produce 80 per cent of all domestically trained Islamic ‘scholars’.

The group had initially wanted to turn the East London site into their national headquarters with the capacity to host tens of thousands of worshippers. It would have been Europe’s largest mosque and the UK’s largest religious building – three times the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

At the time, Christian opponents of the mega-mosque argued that “rejection of British values, the lack of any female participation, and a refusal to integrate with other local communities are key issues for the Planning Inspector to consider.”

Tablighi Jamaat subsequently scaled back their ambitions to a capacity of around 9,000, but the plans were rejected in 2012 as the council had intended to use the land for mixed housing and business.

The government then backed the refusal to grant planning permission in 2015 and the owners were given just three months to cease using the site as a mosque. However, they appealed the decision, delaying the progress by another two years.

The High Court has now ruled in the council’s favour and ordered the mosque’s owners to pay £22,207 in costs to the council, Dawn reports. Only a restraining order from the European Court of Human Rights, where an application has been filed, can reportedly save the illegal mosque.

The council is thought to have the power to bulldoze the buildings if the owners refuse, The Times reports. Tablighi Jamaat has until the 16th of February to bring the case to the Court of Appeal.


“Tablighi Jamaat has procrastinated and delayed, has ridden roughshod over planning regulations and regularly broken the law,” Alan Craig, campaign director of Newham Concern, told Dawn.

“Their plans have been rejected by every level of authority from Newham Council to the High Court, their latest appeal has been thrown out of court,” he said.

Adding: “It is now time for Newham Council to send in the bulldozers and knock down the illegal temporary mosque on the site and liberate the land for a mixed-use development that will benefit the whole community.”


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