Experts Claim Paris Youth Whose Story Sparked Riots Was Not ‘Raped’ by Police

Protesters hold banners during a demonstration against police brutality on February 18, 2017 on the place de la Republique in Paris, following the alleged rape of a black youth, identified only as Theo, with a police baton, an incident that has sparked 10 nights of rioting and more than 200 …

Analysis by medical experts shows that a Paris police officer did not “rape” suburban black youth Théo L. who claimed an officer had purposely inserted a baton into his anus, the alleged incident sparking mass riots last year.

Two medical professionals confirmed that Theo had suffered injuries to his rectum but said that actions of the officer involved were “not contrary to the rules of best practices”, and that the baton used by the officer had not entered the man’s anus.

The report could lead to prosecutors dropping the charges of rape the officer currently faces, broadcaster France Inter reports.

The lawyer for Theo claimed that the report did not change the seriousness of the incident or the claim that the officer intentionally tried to hurt their client.

“It will not lessen the fact that he was hit in the region of the anus that caused extremely serious injuries, very serious,” lawyer Antoine Vey said.

“When I read that, suddenly, the thesis of rape would be totally ruled out, the police officer had done his job well, I am properly shocked. And my client is properly outragedWe’re talking about the introduction of an object that has penetrated his bowel by 10 cm [4 in]! I am surprised at this technical debate; it really makes no sense,” he added.

The medical report is the latest piece of evidence that counters the story Theo gave last year which sparked massive riots across the troubled heavily migrant populated suburbs of the French capital.

Earlier this year, CCTV footage was released contradicting Theo’s account of the events in which he stated an officer had purposely taken off his trousers. The footage showed that Theo’s baggy trousers had fallen on their own as he resisted police attempts to restrain him.

Three of the four officers have been reinstated into the force after a year of absence, while the officer charged with aggravated rape still remains suspended.

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