65-Year-Old Swedish Woman On Trial For ‘Hate Crime’ Describes Intensive Harassment from Police

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A 65-year-old woman in Sweden, who is facing either a fine or prison sentence if found guilty of ‘hate crime’, released her side of the story in a YouTube video describing a large-scale investigation and harassment from police

65-year-old Christina, who faces eight charges of hate speech for claiming on social media that mass Muslim migration would lower the general IQ of the country, said that police had forced her into six separate interrogations and raided her home.

In court, Christina denied the hate speech charges, according to local newspaper Jönköpings-Posten, which said she refused to comment on specific statements.

The paper also expanded on more of the statements allegedly made by the 65-year-old, who is said to have written that immigrants were parasites and that they, “scream, they stink, they kill, they rape, they burn cars and more. How do I/we get rid of them? I’ve had enough.”

In her YouTube video, Christina claimed that she had spoken the truth about mass migration and Islam. She said that she had been subjected to six interrogations which lasted several hours each, and that police had seized several of her belongings including a new iPad.

She also said police had a 150-page file on her activities that were being monitored by the anti-hate speech group Näthatsgranskaren since 2016.

Näthatsgranskaren has been credited for a rise in the number of hate speech prosecutions in Sweden, and has admitted that many of the people they report to police tend to be elderly women.

The group’s head Tomas Åberg, a former police officer, was also nominated for newspaper Expressen’s “Swedish Hero” award, but has since been removed from the nomination process.

Christina also claimed that in 2016 she had been the victim of an assault by “refugee children” and although she reported the incident to the police, no one was ever charged. She said that after the attack she suffered from memory-loss issues.

“I’ve never done anything criminal throughout my life,” she said, and added that Sweden was now full of “rapists out raping our Swedish girls, they’re burning cars.”

Since speaking out against mass migration Christina also said her children had abandoned her and that she had no one to turn to for help.

A verdict in the case is expected next Wednesday.

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