Left-wing Racism: Non-White MP Attacked for Daring to Oppose Chain Migration Bill Despite ‘His Background’


Ranil Jayawardena MP was branded a “disgrace” by left-liberal politicians during a bid to stop a chain migration bill, with one white left-winger questioning how he could dare to oppose it given “his background”.

Labour’s Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, accused the Tory of attempting a “spiteful, rambling filibuster’, and asserted that “Many will wonder how someone from his background can have developed such views”.

Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam slammed the 62-year-old, once a member of former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet, for his “disgusting” comments.

“This is a Labour MP basically stating that a Conservative MP who happens to be brown is not acting brown enough, and should think more like a brown person,” Kassam observed.

Mr Jayawardena, a Brexit supporter representing North East Hampshire, was elected as the Tory Party’s local candidate in a U.S.-style open primary ahead of the General Election in 2015.

He argued against the Refugees (Family Reunion) Bill on the grounds that it would put the British public at risk and incentivise “child” migrants to make dangerous journeys to the United Kingdom in order to act as a bridgehead for their extended families.

He cited the experience of Angela Merkel’s Germany, “where a similar situation arose when up to one million refugees and migrants entered in 2015.”

He described the “terrible incident that occurred on 19 December, when a failed asylum seeker from Tunisia ploughed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, leaving 12 dead,” before going on to say that “Perhaps no event was more disgusting and disgraceful than the events of New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne, when the BBC reported that more than 1,000 criminal complaints were filed, hundreds of them alleging sexual assault.”

He added: “An officer with the federal police stated in his report about that night: ‘Women, accompanied or not, had to run a literal ‘gauntlet’ of heavily intoxicated masses of men of a kind that is impossible to describe… the situation we were confronted with (chaos) could have led to serious injuries or even to deaths.’

“As a consequence, by April 2017, although a majority of Germans still said that refugees were “very welcome” or “quite welcome”, a majority were also saying for the first time that their country simply could not take in any more.”

He concluded by warning that Britain “has the potential to face similar issues” if legislation expanding the scope for chain migration — which is already considerable — is put in place.

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