Kassam Announces New Book ‘Enoch Was Right’, Available Now

Geraint Lewis/Gage Skidmore

Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has announced a new book after years of study of former Member of Parliament Enoch Powell.

The book ‘Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On’ confronts some of the most heinous lies from the establishment media over the life of Powell, as well as what Kassam calls their “willful misrepresentation” of his infamous Birmingham Speech.

Referred to as a “fascist” turn by many media outlets, Powell’s speech was arguably the most important political moment in post-war, pre-Brexit Britain.

In the book, Kassam demolishes the left-wing arguments which claim Powell was a “racist”, and demonstrates how for the late-MP, it was all about “numbers”.

Kassam goes into detail on the aftermath of the speech, as well as digging through media and Powell-related archives to form a new thesis on the man.

The book also includes an exclusive interview with Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who knew Powell and even once chauffeured him to an historic by-election in 1993.

Speaking of the book, Farage said: “Fifty years on from the most dramatic post-war speech in Britain, this updated view is a VERY important part of the continuing debate. Enoch never goes away”.

Kassam said of the new publication: “I’ve never been able to understand the demonisation of Enoch Powell, so I decided to study the man and his public pronouncements. It has taken me years to get to this point, as opposed to the 15 minutes some journalists take to click around Wikipedia before writing stories on him. I hope this helps to clarify things for them.

“This is a major landmark event, 50 years after the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, because it rejects all the common fallacies and lies spread by an establishment media that is in hock to the state-sponsored multiculturalism lobby”.

https://amzn.to/2Hhhm5ZThe book is available on Amazon now. 


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