Sajid Javid Replaces Rudd as Home Secretary


Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has been installed as Amber Rudd’s replacement as Secretary of State for the Home Department.

The 48-year-old MP for Bromsgrove had voiced anger over the Windrush scandal which brought down his predecessor, after some Commonwealth migrants who arrived in Britain between 1948 and 1971 legally were wrongfully deported.

“It immediately impacted me,” Javid said when the scandal broke.

“I’m a ­second-generation migrant. My parents came to this country from Pakistan, just like the Windrush generation.

“When I heard about the Windrush ­issue I thought, That could be my mum … it could be my dad … it could be my uncle … it could be me.”

The Home Office was also revealed as having lost track of some 56,000 illegal migrants who had been scheduled for deportation during Rudd’s tenure, including 700 convicted criminals  — but this elicited very little concern from the media establishment and was not pursued like the Windrush scandal.

While criticism over Windrush had come predominantly from the left and liberal-leaning ‘conservatives’, Rudd was also under fire from the eurosceptic right as of Sunday, after leaked papers revealed she was pushing for Britain to negotiate borders controls away during the Brexit talks with the European Union.

Rudd’s plan involved granting EU migrants access to British jobs, social benefits, and healthcare, and caused consternation among Brexit supporters who believed the Government had pledged to take back full control of immigration policy once Britain was outside the bloc.

Javid, like Rudd, was a Remainer during the EU referendum, although a comparatively reluctant one.

As former prime minister David Cameron’s business secretary, he said the EU was a “failing project” with an “overblown bureaucracy” which Britain should not have joined in the first place — but that it was not practical to leave after four decades on entanglement with it.

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