Tanker Carrying 12 Tonnes of Liquid Chocolate Crashes, Closing Highway

WARSAW, Poland: The major A2 highway was closed Wednesday after a tanker truck overturned, splitting open and spilling its cargo over the roadway — 12 tonnes of liquid chocolate.

Reacting to the sticky situation, authorities warned “Difficulties associated with the need to remove chocolate from the roadway will take several hours”, reports Polish broadsheet newspaper Rzeczpospolita, after the traffic accident on the main Poznań to Warsaw road.

The chocolate spilt across both sides of the highway on a day where temperatures peaked at 28°c (82.5°f).

After an apparent early attempt to clean up the congealing chocolate with water, Polish media later reproduced videos showing heavy digging equipment being used to scrape the spilt produce from the tarmac.

Thankfully there were no fatalities at the scene of the crash.

Poland is one of the largest chocolate producing nations of the world, importing raw beans and refining them into an edible product that is exported around the world. With famous makes like E. Wedel producing approximately $1.6 billion worth a year, the nation makes more chocolate products than France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

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