Crowdfunder Website Shuts Down Group Educating Kids About Transgender Risk Evidence

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AP/Kathy Willens

The website Crowdfunder has shut down the fundraising page of a feminist group aiming to educate young children on scientific research and the risks of undergoing a sex change at a young age.

The group Transgender Trend raises concerns about children pressured into transgenderism and had been asking for donations to produce a school resource pack when activists began a “bullying” campaign aimed at censoring them.

The group is now considering legal action after the pro-transgender groups said the document for schools was “transphobic”, “hate speech”, and even called it “a modern edition of Mein Kampf”, The Sunday Times reports.

The website Crowdfunder bowed to the demands of the “bullying” campaign, but Transgender Trend has continued taking donations through other means and says they have received more cash thanks to the publicity.

“Since Crowdfunder suspended our campaign we have had over 200 downloads of our free resource pack for schools. If, having read it, you think that our pack would be helpful to your school please let them know,” they revealed on Twitter.

The group Stonewall, which takes hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer cash from the Foreign and Common Wealth Office and Department of Education, also campaigned against the document, although there is no suggestion they resorted to bullying.

The resource pack insists that transgender pupils “have the same rights as all children to learn while feeling safe and to be free from bullying, harassment and discrimination” and should be treated with “kind acceptance”.

However, it also cautions against “labelling” and “celebrating” small children as transgendered, as they often change their minds, and explains that teenagers are at risk of “social contagion” from celebrities who “glamourise medical transition”.

“All new transgender schools guidelines are written by transgender organisations and LGBT groups which present a one-sided view… Our aim is to clarify the information,” it also says.

Adding: “The issues can be confusing and bewildering for those new to the subject of transgender identities in children so schools may feel that they have no alternative but to go along with the guidelines available.”

Stephanie Davies-Arai, of Transgender Trend, insisted the document was measured and advocated a cautious approach pursued by many NHS clinicians.

“Attacking our fundraising and telling lies about us is part of a concerted campaign by trans activists to silence anyone who disagrees that children should be rushed into life-changing, even surgical interventions at a harmfully early age,” she told The Sunday Times.

Crowdfunder said: “In line with our content guidelines and terms and conditions, we have suspended the project while we investigate further.”


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