Hungary to Join U.S. in Rejecting ‘Dangerous’ UN Migration Pact

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The United Nations (UN) migration compact is a “threat to the world”, Hungary has said, announcing that the nation will follow President Donald J. Trump’s America in rejecting the globalist agreement.

The draft for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which claims that huge movements of people across borders are “inevitable, necessary, and desirable”, was approved on Friday by all UN member nations except the U.S., which withdrew last year.

Rejecting the document, which was summarised by President Trump as plans for a world in which there are “no borders, everyone can come in”, the White House said the compact was “simply not compatible with US sovereignty”.

“This document is entirely against Hungary’s security interests,” Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said, telling a news conference that the “extreme, biased” compact was likely to inspire millions more people to migrate from the third world.

“Its main premise is that migration is a good and inevitable phenomenon … We consider migration a bad process, which has extremely serious security implications,” Reuters reported him saying.

Noting that Budapest’s proposals were ignored during the development of the document, which he said fails to address the rights of individuals who simply want to live in peace and stability in their homelands, Szijjártó said Hungary will no longer attend the final signing of the compact, which is set to take place at a ceremony in Morocco in December.

Last month the minister said the plans “represents an extreme danger” to EU nations, as the package would essentially force the continent to give up trying to counter illegal immigration, warning, “If the goals set down in the plan are realized then the make-up of Europe’s population will change radically in the upcoming few years.”

Speaking at the UN headquarters in New York City prior to intergovernmental negotiations over the compact, the minister remarked that amendments were resulting in a document that was becoming “increasingly worse”.

“It would now be justified to rechristen the Global Compact for Migration to the African Compact, since its clear beneficiary is Africa and its clear victim is Europe,” he said.

“For instance, it calls for all migrants to receive all kinds of services after leaving their homes, irrespective of what transit country they are in or what country they happen to have chosen for themselves,” Szijjártó highlighted.


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