WATCH: Hero London Lorry Driver Rams Moped Thugs After They Attack Police

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A hero lorry driver swerved across the road to block the escape of two violent London moped criminals, moments after they attacked and injured a policeman.

Two males, including a 15-year-old boy, had been speeding through Catford in south London on the stolen vehicle, before driving at the officer and crushing his leg.

The officer and a colleague had spotted the criminals on their rampage and attempted to intervene before the brutal ramming attack.

After the moped was halted by the vigilante lorry driver, the two males split up and escaped on foot before the teenager was apprehended later.

Officers said the Metropolitan Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit inspected the lorry driver and his vehicle, but he was not arrested or reported for any offences.

Kay Sloane, 36, told The Sun: “It was really frightening. I was putting the children to bed at around 8:15 when I heard this almighty bang. My husband thought it was thunder.

“The moped crashed into the policeman on his bike first – how he’s not killed anyone or himself I don’t know. What would have happened if I was going out or coming in with the children?

“The Waitrose driver swerved into them to stop them. The driver’s intentions weren’t malicious he just wanted to stop them,” the mother added.

Twitter user and passerby Danielle DASH captured the aftermath of the incident on video and posted it online.

The Waitrose lorry can be seen angled across the road, blocking most of the pavement, too. A moped is seen on the ground inches from it, along with police cars and an ambulance.

Danielle’s main concern, however, was the wellbeing of the attackers. She wrote: “Hi Waitrose. Is it the policy of your company to encourage your HGV lorry drivers to use their vehicles to crash into alleged moped thieves?

“The two young men fled the scene after the violent act and we are unsure of the severity of their injuries.

She added: “The Waitrose driver acted in a way that could have resulted in these young men’s deaths.”


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