British Muslim Women Back Boris: ‘I’m Scared of the Burqa’, ‘Pressure to Wear It Is Real’


More British Muslims are beginning to speak out in support of Boris Johnson’s comments ridiculing the Islamic burqa, with one woman revealing: “I am scared of the niqab and the burka.”

Penning an article for the establishment centre-right Telegraph newspaper under a pseudonym, for fear of “how my friends and relatives would react”, ‘Suad Farah’ described how she lost her niqab-wearing best friend “to mosque classes and to sister circles and to fundamentalist YouTube videos” after the death of her father.

“The more she attended the mosque, the more I saw her slipping away… The idea that a woman with a first-class honours degree from one of the UK’s top universities now has to wait for her brother to come along to escort her because her husband is working is mad. And yet it is true. I am told that I am being blasphemous for questioning the veil, and the extreme Wahhabist narrative which justifies the idea that it is required by Islam.”

‘Farah’ described attending one of her friend’s mosque classes, and hearing a man with a North American accent preaching from behind a curtain about “the one Ummah, the international community of Muslims… how we had to let go of Western ideals, reject nationalities”.

Such fundamentalist interpretations of Islam were once fairly fringe even in much of the Middle East, with full-face veils and putting hijabs on young children decidedly outside the mainstream — but they have become increasingly common in the multicultural West, pushed by foreign governments and Islamist institutions with deep pockets.

‘Farah’ warned that, for many Muslim women in Britain, “the pressure to wear [the veil] is real”, and that “trauma is the spur that leads many to take it up”.

“I am scared of the niqab and the burka. What they represent is a choice to opt out of the democratic society we live in… To normalise the niqab and the burka is also to normalise politics that are anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights and against women’s right to be free from oppression,” she added.

‘Farah’ is far from alone in feeling this way, with prominent Muslim woman doctor Qanta Ahmed saying Boris Johnson was right to criticise the burqa, which she branded an “an anti-Western pro-Islamist political statement”.

A data poll conducted yesterday by Sky News indicates that a large majority of the public are in favour of banning the burqa outright and that Johnson’s comments about it were not “racist” — despite the Prime Minister and many other establishment, progressive-type ‘Conservatives’ urging him to apologise.

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