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ISTANBUL, TURKEY - FEBRUARY 20: A Turkish girl stands in a crowd of women wearing burqas during the Shia holy day Ashura February 20, 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey. Ashura is a Shia Muslim holy day, celebrated as the most important day of the longer Muharram festival. The Ashura festival commemorates …

Strong Majority of Brits Back Burqa Ban

Most Brits back a ban on Islamic burkas or niqabs, a new survey has found, and a significant portion said  Islam, in general, is not compatible with their British way of life.


Bulgaria Bans The Burqa

SOFIA (AFP) – Bulgaria’s parliament approved on Friday legislation outlawing face-covering Islamic veils in public, joining a small number of EU countries as debate rages across Europe about religious freedoms.


UK Police Plan To Let Muslim Cops Wear Burkas On Duty

One of the UK’s largest police forces has said they “don’t have any barriers” to Muslim women wearing a burka on the job, and are “consider[ing]” introducing the full-face garment into their uniform.

Islamic Veil

Oxford Study Defends Islamic Veil, Claims It Aids Integration

A leading team of Oxford University sociologists has published a paper arguing that Muslim women veil “because they are engaging with a modern, secular world”, arguing that bans “deprive them of a means… for integration”.


Burka Robbers Foiled Because They ‘Did Not Walk Like Women’

Two men have been jailed for robbing a pawnbroker with an imitation firearm when dressed in burkas, after members of the public foiled their cover because they “did not walk like women.” The court heard how the criminals brazenly walked