2018 Body Count in Sadiq Khan’s London Reaches 100

Sadiq Khan
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Deaths in Sadiq Khan’s London in 2018 have topped 100 with the discovery of a 73-year-old woman’s body on Wednesday.

Carole Harrison was found dead in her house in Teddington, in the capital’s south-west, following a house fire, but police say she appears to have suffered injuries “consistent with an assault” prior to the blaze.

The investigation into the pensioner’s death is the sixth murder inquiry launched in London in a week, according to MailOnline, with the capital on course to break its 2017 homicide total of 116.

It is likely that this number would have been even higher had it not been for medical advances over the last few years, with a recently published academic study suggesting there could have been up to 1,650 more homicides UK-wide without the establishment of major trauma networks in 2012.

London has recorded massive rises not just in murder but also in acid attacks, shootings, and knife crime — including a huge surge in attacks with implements such as machetes, more commonly associated with the Third World than England — in recent years, with a 2,138 percent rise in moped-enabled crime being particularly striking.

Boris Johnson, the former Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary and two-time Mayor of London, has laid much of the blame for the crime wave at the feet of his successor, Labour politician and strident Donald Trump critic Sadiq Khan.

“He blames everyone but himself, when it is his paramount duty to keep Londoners safe. It is a pathetic performance,” complained the Tory Brexiteer, claiming Khan preferred “politically correct virtue-signalling” to fighting crime.

Khan has also come under fire from President Donald Trump himself, in an interview where he discussed the negative impact of mass migration on many European cities.

“I look at cities in Europe, and I can be specific if you’d like. You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. He has done a terrible job,” the American leader said ahead of his recent working visit to Britain.

“Take a look at the terrorism that is taking place. Look at what is going on in London. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism,” he added.

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