Khan’s London: Stabbings, Shootings Now Biggest Share of Air Ambulance Emergencies

A London air ambulance takes off from Parliament Square in front of the Houses of Parliament after it arrived earlier as part of the response to an incident in which a man was injured after falling 15 feet at nearby Westminster Bridge in London on May 3, 2016. The man …

As Mayor Sadiq Khan’s popularity plunged this week amidst an epidemic of violence in the capital, new figures from London’s Air Ambulance revealed gun and knife casualties now make up the largest share of emergency callouts.

Data published Thursday showed that 263 of the 822 patients, or 32 percent, treated by airborne trauma specialists and paramedics in the first six months of 2018 were victims of stabbings or shootings.

People wounded in road traffic accidents made up the second largest share of emergencies attended to by the service during this period, with 219 patients comprising 27 percent of the total, while 166 injuries sustained after suffering a fall from height made up 20 percent.

A further 174 patients were injured in another manner according to the figures, which were published to mark Air Ambulance Week, during which the organisation and its supporters fundraise and highlight the service’s status as a charity.

As Breitbart previously reported, figures released in March revealed that 2017 marked the first year in its almost 30-year history that London’s Air Ambulance had to attend to more victims of “penetrating trauma” than patients hurt in road traffic accidents.

Speaking at the time, the service’s lead clinician, Dr. Gareth Grier, said it was no longer unusual for medics “to perform open-chest surgery for stab wounds twice in a single day”, adding: “This would have been unheard of a few years back.”

With the capital suffering a violent crime epidemic which has seen 137 murders take place in the past 12 months alongside rises in gun violence, knife violence, rape, and other serious offences, YouGov poll data published this week found Mayor Khan’s popularity had plunged from +22 in May to just +4 this month.

The Labour Mayor has repeatedly refused to take responsibility for the deadly crimewave and blamed rising violence on the Conservative government’s police spending cuts, while taking a strong globalist stance on “culture war” issues such as moving to ban adverts depicting attractive women, slamming U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and “campaigning against gender inequality online” by organising “a series of dedicated edit-a-thons … to tackle the gender imbalance in Wikipedia pages and to encourage more women to edit entries”.


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