May Govt Says ‘Pro-Brexit’ MPs Must Back ‘Soft’ Brexit or Face Second Referendum

Shuzo Shikano/Getty

A senior member of Theresa May’s government has threatened “pro-Brexit” MPs, saying that unless the Prime Minister’s plan for a “soft” exit from the bloc is supported in Parliament, there will be a second referendum.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury Melvyn Stride (pictured, right) also implied his government could make further concessions to the bloc, saying they will “get a deal based around Chequers” on Sky News Wednesday.

The Chequers plan already proposes the UK follows all the bloc’s rules on goods, severely restricting the ability to control trade policy, and meaning the UK has to accept rules with no role in making them.

The “right of the party, the pro-Brexit wing,” Mr Stride said, “will be very concerned we’ll end up where we could have a second referendum or we could end up not leaving the EU altogether, so there is a danger of that happening if Chequers does not prevail.”

His senior, the Chancellor and head of the Treasury, is Phillip Hammond (pictured, left), who has been a fierce opponent of Brexit and continues to push for the UK to remain locked in the EU’s Single Market.

However, Mr Stride also threatened those who are against Brexit altogether, saying they must back Mrs May’s plan or there could be a clean, full exit from the EU.

“I think those on the other end of the spectrum will equally be very concerned that if Chequers does not prevail, we could end up in a ‘no deal’ situation,” he added.

Responding to similar threats Monday, UKIP’s leader Gerard Batten commented: “After a summer of dripping Project Fear 2.0 into the public’s ears, Mrs May has put down an in or out option.

“UKIP has always said that no deal, which is really reverting to WTO terms, is better than a bad deal with the EU.

“Mrs May’s deal, whatever the particulars, will not be what the British people voted for on June 23rd, 2016, it will be Brexit in name only.

“I call on all Leave MPs to reject the flimsy agreement Mrs May is putting together and support a full unencumbered exit from the EU under World Trade Organisation rules.”

The threats from Mrs May’s government come as European Council President Donald Tusk warns the Chequers planed needs a “rework” ahead on a crunch meeting in Salzburg Wednesday night.

“On the Irish question and the framework for economic cooperation the UK’s proposal needs to be reworked,” he told a news conference Wednesday.


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