Blair Attacks Leftist Labour for Not Being Committed to Stopping Brexit

Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for failing to lead the call for a second referendum.

Iraq war architect Blair said during a speech on Wednesday that he finds it “gut-wrenching” that Mr Corbyn, who has taken the party to the left after it operating nearly two decades under the Globalist Third Way philosophy, was not leading the charge to undo the greatest mandate in British political history.

“I know it is said a new vote of the people will also divide. But a reconsideration in the light of all we now know, accepted by all as the final word, especially if accompanied by a new willingness on the part of Europe’s leadership and Britain’s to deal with the reasons for the Brexit decision, is the only hope of unity in the future.

“It is frankly gut-wrenching that this call is not being led by Labour as it should be,” the arch-Europhile added, according to The Telegraph — despite roughly 60 per cent of Labour-held constituencies voting leave in 2016.

He also condemned the “stupidity” of the “far-left” for their attacks on his New Labour years in Government, arguing that the party should not resort to left-wing populism, but bring the party back it his “progressive centre.”

“The Labour Party has paid, but more importantly the country has paid, a heavy price for this stupidity.

“It has undermined the achievements of the party in government. It has weakened the Labour Party’s ability to win by depriving it of a unifying message which can reach the centre ground and led to the abject refusal of the Labour leadership to lead the country out of the Brexit nightmare.”

Mr Corbyn, a life-long eurosceptic, said he voted Remain in the June 2016 referendum but did not run his party on a platform of overturning or rerunning the vote in the June 2017 General Election, saying recently that “We can’t stop Brexit.”

“The referendum took place. Article 50 has been triggered. What we can do is recognise the reasons why people voted Leave,” he told Germany’s Der Spiegel.

However, former Prime Minister Blair has taken every opportunity possible to call for a second referendum since the vote, saying last week: “Up to the very end, I am going to do everything I can to stop [Brexit].”

In October, the globalist joined forces with his historical political opponents former Conservative Prime Minister John Major and former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, the trio jointly writing an opinion piece for Germany’s Die Welt expressing their love of the  “European values” of “democracy, the rule of law, free expression, and free trade” which they seek to “defend” by forcing a second vote.


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