Just 28 Percent of Britons Want to Stop Brexit, Plurality Wants May to Go


Just 28 per cent of Britons want to stop Brexit while a plurality wants Theresa May to step down as prime minister.

YouGov asked a sample of citizens where they wanted to go next with Brexit and 16 per cent said that Britain should accept the draft deal arranged between bureaucrats in the European Union and Prime Minister Theresa May, while 11 per cent said the country should reject it and negotiate a different deal.

However, a higher number, 19 per cent, said that Britain should reject it and leave the EU without any deal, trading with the bloc as it does with other international countries on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms.

Just a combined 36 per cent want to stop Brexit one way or another, either by stopping Brexit now and remaining in the EU (28 per cent) or holding a “People’s Vote” on whether to accept the draft deal (eight per cent) — an endeavour by Remainers to legitimise a second referendum in hopes that, this time, Britons will vote ‘the right way.’

The survey, published Friday, found a plurality of the general population, 47 per cent, think that Theresa May should stand down as Conservative Party leader and prime minister, with 33 per cent wishing for her to remain.

Fifty-five per cent of leave voters want her to go, while with remain voters it is closely split between those who want her to stay (40 per cent) versus those who want her to leave (39 per cent).

A slim majority of Tory voters (46/43 per cent) want her to remain in post.

The survey also found that a plurality, 45 per cent, do not believe that the draft deal respects the spirit of the June 2016 referendum. Only 28 per cent believes that it respects the result.

This plurality is represented not just across the general population (45/28), but amongst Remainers (33/41), Leavers (26/58), Conservatives (32/54), and Labour voters (26/48).


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