Delingpole: MP Anna Soubry’s ‘Nazi’ Scare Is Pure Remainer Propaganda

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Today’s excuse as to why Brexit mustn’t happen is that a gaggle of protestors in yellow vests have been caught on film outside the Houses of Parliament calling Remainer MP Anna Soubry a “Nazi”.

Anna Soubry has been milking the story for all she is worth.

So have the fellow Remainer activists who were handily there to witness and then big up the incident — paid EU shill Femi Sorry and Care Bear Communist Owen Jones.

As is perfectly clear from the video footage, this is a lot of fuss about nothing. The people jeering at Soubry are quite clearly a small group of saddos, none of whom looks as if they could punch their way out of a paper bag. They are more embarrassing than scary. It’s clear — from the sheer lameness of the insults, as much as anything — that this barracking was spontaneous rather than planned. Also, contrary to Soubry’s claims, there appears to be little evidence that the protesters tried to stop her getting into Parliament. (They walked alongside her, leaving her perfectly free to go where she was heading.) Nor — she’s a tough, leathery, battle-hardened old bird is Soubry — does she give the impression of being remotely intimidated.

So why has the story been given so much prominence, especially across Sky and the BBC, and also on social media by a number of MPs and left-leaning journalists?

Don’t be fooled by the protestations of non-partisanship. This is the Remain propaganda machine in action, seizing whatever opportunity it can to discredit the Brexit cause by making out that people who support it are mindless thugs.

Care Bear Commie Owen Jones, expert propagandist that he is, even manages to shoehorn in Tommy Robinson — a dogwhistle to Jones’s Remain-supporting fanbase signalling that Brexiteers are essentially “fascists.”

But the real scandal here is not what happened to Anna Soubry (in truth, not very much) but rather the outrageous double standards of Remain, the left, and the supposedly unbiased mainstream media.

For every tiny incident like this involving pillocks claiming to represent Brexit or the right, there are dozens if not hundreds where organised bands of genuinely dangerous, physically violent thugs from Occupy, Momentum, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter, or similar hard left groups menace, harass, and physically assault their right-wing opponents.

What’s more, senior members of the Labour Party have publicly endorsed this thuggery:

As for Nazi: it’s used by the left all the time to demean, belittle, and misrepresent anyone who ventures an opinion to the right of Jeremy Corbyn’s.

And if ever Soubry or any other Remainer wants to know what harassment looks like, they should ask Nigel Farage, who has had to put up with death threats, insults, vandalism, and attempted assaults for well over a decade, merely for being the public face of a cause which the majority of British people support. Have any of the attacks on Farage received a fraction of the attention given to this minor incident involving Soubry? Of course not. Because unlike Soubry, Farage’s politics don’t accord with that of the Remain-supporting media.

Oh, and here is the aforementioned Remainer activist Femi Sorry demonstrating how very much he values kinder, gentler politics:

Gosh, we Brexiteers have so much to learn from the kindness, nobility and generosity of spirit of those wonderful Remainers. Why can’t we be more like them?

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