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Queen’s Speech Delayed as IRA-linked Sinn Féin Seeks Talks with Labour

The Queen’s speech, which lays out the governing party’s legislative programme, has been postponed until June 21st, with the announcement of an agreement between the Conservative and the Democratic Unionists delayed by the Grenfell Tower fire. This has left Sinn Féin time to seek meetings with the Labour Party in Westminster.

RIGHT: Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party speaks during a campaign rally at Union Chapel Islington on June 7, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. LEFT: Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams speaks to television media crews after Adams was re-elected to government at the Irish General Election constituency count on …

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s Full Conference Speech Leaked

The Daily Telegraph has obtained an advanced, leaked copy of Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s speech to the Labour Conference ahead of his delivery later today. Here is the text in full, which focuses on tax avoidance, Bank of England


Marx’s Das Kapital Key To My Thinking Says New Shadow Chancellor

Labour’s controversial new Shadow Chancellor has said Karl Marx’s Das Kapital is a key influence on his thinking. In an interview with The Observer, John McDonnell MP said that he wanted a left wing programme of renationalisation, first of all

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McDonnell Apologises For IRA Remark

Labour’s newly appointed shadow chancellor John McDonnell, has apologised for once calling for Irish Republican Army (IRA) members to be “honoured”. The controversial 2003 comments by McDonnell resurfaced in the media and were condemned by MPs after the 64-year-old was