Parliament REFUSES Petition to Reject UN Migrant Pact: ‘Already Been Agreed’

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The British Parliament has refused to debate a petition to reject the UN compact on migration as it “has already been agreed by the UK Government.”

The petition, which has nearly 130,000 signatures, called on the Government to follow countries like the United States, Hungary, and Australia and reject the United Nations Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, which is the first attempt at the “global governance” and institutionalisation of migration.

“The Committee has decided not to schedule a debate on this petition because the UN Global Compact on Migration has already been agreed by the UK Government,” said the response.

“The final text of the Compact was agreed by the UK Government in July last year. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly in December,” it added, before claiming that the compact is “not legally binding and cannot compel the UK Government to change its own immigration policies” despite legal experts warning that the agreement exists in a legal “grey area” and could be used to interpret national immigration law.

While Britain committed to the agreement at the Intergovernmental Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10th, the minimum number of signatures needed to trigger Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee to consider it for a full debate — 100,000 — had been reached a week before then, with Parliament only rejecting the debate Wednesday.

There has already been a precedent set for a country withdrawing from it, less than one month after it was formally endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in New York City: Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who assumed office on January st, pulled out of the compact Wednesday, saying that his country would set its own immigration policy.

“Brazil is sovereign in deciding whether or not to accept migrants … Not anybody can come into our home, nor can anybody enter Brazil via a pact adopted by third parties. NO TO THE MIGRATION PACT,” President Bolsonaro wrote.

The United States was the first to announce it would not be signing the compact in November 2017, followed by Hungary, Austria, Australia, Israel, and several other countries.

There had been no debate by British lawmakers over the country’s entry into the agreement, despite the Conservative Government pledging to bring immigration down from the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands a year in three consecutive General Elections.

Migration think tank Migration Watch UK warned that the Government’s commitment “all but violates” the Tories’ pledge to cut migration.

Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK, told Breitbart London last month: “This Compact is misguided and one that the UK should not have signed.

“No government serious about reducing migration should be committing to it. As for our government, by signing up to the Compact, they are all but violating a manifesto promise to reduce immigration substantially.”

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