Europhile Verhofstadt Smashes Border Fence With Own Head in Bizarre New EU Election Ad

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European Parliament’s Liberals have promised to tear down walls, in an EU election campaign video depicting the group’s leader smashing through a border fence with his head.

“Europe’s future” rests on this May’s EU Parliament elections, and the choice voters will be given of either between “destroying” the bloc or “reforming” it, according to a new Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) campaign video.

Declaring the elections a battle between“destroying” the bloc or “reforming” it, ALDE says “the choice is clear”, before graphics depicting the group’s leader, Guy Verhofstadt, breaking through a barbed wire-topped border wall with an enormous representation of his head, bursting onto the screen accompanying a promise to ‘tear walls down’ rather than build them.

“Europe is NOT the problem. It is the solution,” declares the video, which features cartoon hands grabbing at the EU flag.

Verhofstadt’s very public loathing of Hungary’s patriotic government, which slashed illegal immigration by more than 99 per cent after building a series of powerful border fences, was also apparent elsewhere in the video.

ALDE uses a photograph appearing to show far left protesters, along with newspaper headlines lambasting Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán as an “autocrat”, to represent a choice between “weakening freedom” and “strengthening” it at the elections.

Brexit pioneer Nigel Farage — another bête noire of the Belgian MEP, whose claims to represent freedom were contradicted somewhat by his recent calls for EU-wide censorship to purge the internet of so-called “hate” — also featured in the video, alongside flashing images of a motorway and a set of masked protesters, to represent the option of ‘destroying’ Europe.

Chaos through division or power thought unity! 👊 Pick your side!

🇺 In May, Europeans face a clear choice! Chaos through division or power thought unity! 👊 Pick your side!

Posted by Renew Europe on Friday, March 22, 2019

ALDE is expected to soon announce it will be partnering with the party of France’s arch-globalist leader, Emmanuel Macron, for EU elections, according to the Parliament magazine, which reported this week how Verhofstadt went on the warpath against Europe’s so-called centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) bloc for its decision to only suspend, rather than expel from its ranks, Hungary’s populist ruling party, Fidesz.

The 65-year-old veteran Eurocrat, who recently called for Europe and Africa to be merged into “a single Euro-African economic area … of 1.5 billion consumers”, appeared in September to suggest that the U.S should invade or otherwise force regime change on Hungary, declaring the country’s democratically elected government a “threat to the rules-based international order”.

In an opinion piece carried by CNN, where he paid tribute to war and regime change enthusiast “the late, great, John McCain”, Verhofstadt called on the “the international community — and the United States in particular” to destroy conservative governments in Europe, insisting: “We need to stop [Orbán] — now”.


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