London’s Khan Says May Should Have Cancelled Brexit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan speaks at a rally in favour of remaining in the EU in central lond

Labour’s London mayor Sadiq Khan has said the prime minister should have cancelled Brexit by revoking Article 50 after Theresa May returned from Brussels with a second delay.

Speaking to LBC radio host James O’Brien on Thursday, Mr Khan said that instead of negotiating for a delay to October 31st, “what the prime minister should have done was to stop the clock… by withdrawing Article 50.”

Continuing, the left-wing mayor said, “And what Theresa May should have done is first work out what sort of relationship we want with the European Union, what will the future terms of that deal be, and once we knew that, once we were comfortable with that, then serve the notice to quit with a maximum of two years and we could have left before then.”

However, the British people had already decided nearly three years ago what “sort of relationship” they wanted with the EU when they voted to leave the bloc.

Leftists and globalist-progressive Tories have been engaged in a continuity Remain campaign since June 2016 to either soften Brexit or stop it, such as by calling for a second referendum on Brexit in true Brussels fashion that if an electorate is asked enough times, they will eventually make a decision preferable to the EU.

Khan has demanded on a number of occasions a so-called “People’s Vote” on any withdrawal treaty agreed in the House of Commons, raising the issue again in Thursday’s LBC interview.

“I think we have reached a position where we are aware we are a million miles away from the promises made during the referendum campaign, and in those circumstances what the British public should be given is a final say.

“Do we accept the deal negotiated by the prime minister and/or the most popular option MPs voted for or the option for the British public to stay in the European Union as imperfect as she is?” Mr Khan said.

Earlier in the week, Tory Brexiteer MP Iain Duncan Smith criticised “puffed-up politicians” who attempt to frustrate Brexit and deny the directives of British people.


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