Half of Londoners Find City Life ‘Too Stressful’, One Third Complain of Cost of Living

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A poll has found that a quarter of Londoners feel they have “no choice” but to move out, with some citing the high cost of living, stress, and low quality of life in the city.

A survey of 1,000 Londoners conducted by OnePoll found that 51 per cent find living in London “too stressful” with almost half saying they believe their quality of life would improve if they moved out of the city, reports The Mirror.

One third also say they believe the cost of living will force them to move out, with those who said they are planning on moving said they would do so in the next four years.

The researchers noted that other reasons given for wanting to move outside of London was wanting to “get away from the hustle and bustle,” living closer to family, and to be “near the countryside.”

However, despite the cost and stress living in London, half complained that moving out would negatively affect their social lives with 55 per cent saying they would miss the “fun and excitement” of living in London.

The prospect of fleeing Londoners comes after another study published in March by the Centre for Cities found that some 550,000 more Britons have left London than moved to it in the past decade. The only positive net migration into London has been young people drawn to work, whilst parents in their 30s and 40s, students going to university, and those aged 50-plus are a net negative.

However, the Centre for Cities points out that despite the city losing net half a million Britons, the capital’s population grew by 860,000 in that time thanks to migration from outside of the UK, half of which came from non-EU countries. By 2017, 3.6 million people living in London were born overseas.

In addition, from 2009 to 2017, 790,000 more people were born in London than died.

Breitbart London reported this week that London’s population, currently at 9.1 million, is set to hit ten million within a decade, driven by immigration, as some 172,000 international immigrants are expected to arrive in the capital every year.


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