Brexit Party Would Wipe out Tories if EU Results Translate into Constituencies

Farage Polling Station
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Analysis by British political television program the Peston show has assessed that the new Brexit Party would wipe out the establishment parties if its European Parliament election victory were translated into General Election constituency seats.

If the EU results were translated into national seats, the Liberal Democrats would have come first in 76 constituencies, Labour would have taken the lead in 67, with the Conservatives having won just one seat, while the Brexit Party would have won in an astounding 414 constituencies.

The results were reported on ITV’s politics programme on Wednesday night, with the caveat that European elections are different to General Elections in terms of motivation by voters and turnout; however other polls of national voting intentions have revealed that the Brexit Party is a legitimate challenger to the establishment political class.

A recent Opinium Poll revealed the Brexit Party to be in second place for Westminster voting intentions at 25 per cent — just one point behind Labour.

Following the European Parliament elections, Lord Ashcroft polled voters to gauge where Tory support went after the 2017 General Election, finding that 53 per cent of those who voted Conservative two years ago voted for the Brexit Party last week, with just over half of those saying that they would stick with the Brexit Party in the next General Election.

Across all European Parliament voters, Lord Ashcroft’s poll projects that in the next General Election the Labour Party would be in first with 21 per cent of the vote, followed jointly by the Conservatives and Brexit Party with 18 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats in third with 17 per cent.

Mr Farage told American podcast host Laura Ingraham this week that he was “putting the government and the opposition Labour Party on notice”.

“Obey the British people or I’m going to come and take you out,” the Brexit Party leader said, in direct challenge to the political establishment.

On the campaign trail earlier this month, the Brexit architect said that the UK’s current two-party system is “broken” and “out of touch” with the British people, and called for a “peaceful political revolution” to “win back our birthright”.

“We are going to win back the ability of our nation to be democratic,” he added.


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