Farage: Populist Gains Revealed ‘Massive Fundamental Change’ in EU

Italy's Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini (L) and leader of France's far-right National Rally (RN) party, Marine Le Pen pose upon their arrival to attend a debate on the theme "Economic growth and social prospects in a Europe of Nations" on October 8, 2018 at the headquarters of the Unione Generale …

Nigel Farage has talked up the populist gains across Europe in the recent European Parliament elections while slamming the European Union, Hillary Clinton, and Angela Merkel for her failed mass migration policy.

Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Podcast in the U.S., Mr Farage expressed how important it was that Europe had come together after the world wars, saying that European countries should “cooperate, have trade with each other” and have reciprocity.

However, he said that now, sadly, the continent had given way to a “failing institution in Brussels, headed mostly by people who can’t be elected, haven’t been elected and who have taken rights away from Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, and the UK”.

The countries named by Mr Farage are not coincidental. Each of those named secured strong results for populist and nationalist parties across the bloc including Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in France and the Brexit Party in the UK, which both came first in their respective countries.

He told the conservative American podcast host that the EU was attempting to impose a new flag and a new anthem on Europe, which the member states did not want, and that Brussels had created its own undemocratic state, a modern form of the old Soviet bloc in Europe.

Mr Farage lauded the populist and nationalist surges across Europe, saying: “What we saw last week is a massive fundamental shift and change.”

When asked about his relationship with Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, Mr Farage said: “I know Matteo well, he’s a very talented guy, making amazing moves in Italy. After the next election, he’s got a very good chance of becoming the next Italian prime minister.”

Mr Farage was quick to add criticism of the Democratic party in the U.S., saying: “Democrats in the U.S. support a globalist state. Hillary Clinton wanted to sign America up to single market, create a  global government.”

When asked about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Farage said she had been very successful but had left a legacy of mass migration into Europe, with very few people assimilating.


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