Swedish State TV Network Blasted for Using Iran’s Trump ‘Retarded’ Comment in Ad

Trump Iran Poster
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Swedish tax-funded TV network SVT has been criticised for a poster campaign featuring a picture of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani calling President Donald Trump “retarded”.

The poster refers to the ongoing tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic and a recent quote from Rouhani who called President Trump “mentally retarded” after the U.S. leader cancelled airstrikes last week.

A picture of the poster was shared by Entrepreneur and TV producer Mojdeh Zandieh who slammed the broadcaster, writing:

Shame on SVT! You can dislike Trump and hate him however much you want but don’t think the enemy of your enemy is in any way your friend in this case! I have never seen SVT put up a headline on what the Islamic regime is exposing my Iranian compatriots to!

According to Swedish news website Nyheter Idag, several others were critical of the poster as well, including writer Nima Dervish, who is also originally from Iran.

Dervish invited the public to compare Trump to Ayatollah Khomeini, citing examples of Khomeini’s writings such as when the Islamic leader compared non-Muslims to urine, faeces, and other “unclean” objects and animals.

“We pay 8 billion annually to a company that, blinded by its U.S. hatred, decorates the town with small images of a dictator who has blood on his hands. And what do we do? Hold a thousand-man demonstration outside their entrance and show that enough is enough? Hardly,” Dervish added.

The posters come two years after female members of the Swedish government mocked President Trump for not being feminist enough, but just weeks later month were heavily criticised themselves over a trip to Iran where all the female government members wore the hijab, which is mandatory for women in Iran.

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