‘Minor’ Migrant Sentenced for Murder of Swedish Teenager

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An Eritrean migrant claiming to be 16 has been sentenced to seven years in prison followed by deportation for the murder of a 15-year-old Swedish schoolmate.

The murder took place in February and saw the “underage” migrant get into a fight with the victim who had previously been his friend, and during the altercation he strangled the 15-year-old and killed him — although the migrant claims he did not kill the teen on purpose, Nyheter Idag reports.

Following the death of the teen, the migrant emptied the victim’s pockets and took photographs of the body on his mobile phone that he deleted the next day, but they were recovered by forensic experts.

The family of the teen reported him missing two days after the murder but the body was not found until February 13th after the Eritrean had admitted the incident to a friend. The friend relayed the information to his parents who called the police. The migrant was arrested that day.

During the trial of the Eritrean, the court found that despite the migrant’s claims, the murder was likely intentional due to the taking of photographs and the looting of the body. Witnesses had also testified that the migrant had threatened to kill the 15-year-old in the past as well.

While the Eritrean maintained he was 16, medical tests revealed him to be at least 18 years old and a witness stated that he was as old as 21.

Whether or not the expulsion sentence can be carried out is also in question, as Sweden often refuses to deport migrants to Eritrea if they apply for asylum status.

The case comes only months after an underage Afghan migrant was found guilty of attempted murder, with the teen requesting that he be allowed to return to Afghanistan because he felt guilty about stabbing his victim.

Sweden has also seen a number of cases in which supposed underage migrants have turned out to be adults. Last month, a report claimed that up to 90 per cent of Moroccan underage migrants in Sweden seeking asylum were over the age of 18.

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