WATCH: Douglas Murray on Gay Pride Mission Creep – ‘I Don’t Want Sex at My Bank’

Author Douglas Murray is gay but he doesn’t think much of Gay Pride. No, siree!

Here’s an exclusive preview of a longer interview I did with him this week about his book about identity politics, The Madness of Crowds. We discuss, inter alia, our irritation at the way the cult of the rainbow flag has come to dominate the entirety of Western culture.

Gay Pride March, he complains, has turned into “Gay Pride Day into Gay Pride Weekend into Gay Pride Week into Gay Pride Month…”

He says:

“My bank had rainbows everywhere in Gay Pride month. ‘Love happens here’ was the rather sick-making slogan. Now I don’t want love to happen at my bank. I don’t want sex at my bank. I just want there to be more people on the tills. I want them to cash a cheque faster than they do. I want them not to charge me £5 when I lose my bank statement. I don’t want them in the business of love.”

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