BoJo Tells Corbyn to ‘Man Up’, Even the ‘Commies’ Want an Election

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn reacts as a delegate passionately argues against rushing through a proposed change to the selection of local MPs at the ACC Liverpool during the first day of the annual Labour Party conference on September 23, 2018 in Liverpool, England. Labour's official slogan for the conference …
Leon Neal/Getty

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is goading Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into backing a December 12th election, saying even the “Commies” in party-affiliated Momentum want one.

The prime minister made an offer to Labour on Thursday night that in exchange for backing an election in December, he would continue the Commons debate on Brexit until November 6th.

Speaking to Sky News on Friday, Mr Johnson said: “We can have more a debate on Brexit — if that’s what they really want, if they really think that’s necessary — provided they agree to an election on December the 12th.

“Now, you would have thought that was a pretty good deal from the point of view of the Labour Party. But they seem unaccountably split from top to bottom.

“We’ve got Momentum — who are the sort of Commies who back part of the Jeremy Corbyn enterprise — saying they want an election. They say ‘bring it on’. And then you’ve got loads of Labour MPs led by guys like Keir Starmer and Tom Watson and things who don’t seem to want an election.

“Time for Corbyn to man up. Let’s have an election on December the 12th.”

Up to half of Labour’s MPs are reportedly against an election. Mr Corbyn is opposed to a vote until the possibility of a clean-break Brexit is eliminated.

Speaking to ITV’s This Morning, the socialist said he would back a December election, “providing the prime minister comes to parliament on Monday and makes it absolutely clear he is going to make sure that there is no crash out because his deal includes the possibility of a no-deal exit.”

Prime Minister Johnson is set to table a motion on Monday. While the EU is reportedly waiting until next week to announce the end-date of the extension of Article 50, in light of recent developments in British politics.


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