Advert Slammed For Showing White Family Fleeing Multicultural City to Rural Area

2019-11-12 (2)

The local government of the municipality of Staffanstorp has been slammed by the Swedish establishment as acting in a Nazi-like way for advertising itself as a pleasant alternative to the insecurity of crime-ridden cities.

The two-minute-long advertisement was created by the municipal government which is run by the centre-right Moderate party and shows a caucasian Swedish family packing up and leaving a city after the mother and daughter are harassed by young people, SVT reports.

“The insecurity and exclusion have made many feel lost and lost in their city,” the narrator states int he short film and after the family moves to the more rural Staffanstorp, it continues, “In our municipality, we take care of each other, young and old. Employed as well as self-employed.”

Moa Berglöf, a former speechwriter for former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, a noted proponent of mass migration, linked the advert to recent criminality in the multicultural city of Malmö where a 15-year-old was shot dead over the weekend.

“So while Malmö has grief, Staffanstorp municipality is right to post a commercial… I don’t even know. This is the most vile thing I’ve seen in a long time,” Berglöf said on Twitter.

Moderate Party politician Christian Sonesson, chairman of the municipal board in Staffanstorp, reacted to criticism saying, “Malmö is not mentioned in the film and if you have to shoot somewhere in a Scanian urban environment then Malmö is close at hand. We do not point out Malmö, but want to point out a phenomenon where people feel insecure.”

Per Svensson, political editor of newspaper Dagens Nyheter, went even further using the phrase “blond und boden”, a reference to the “blut und boden” or blood and soil phrase that was infamously used in propaganda by the German Nazi regime.

Newspaper Expressen also claimed that many social media users viewed the short film as “xenophobic” because the family depicted in it were caucasian.

Cities like Malmo and others have seen a rise in gang violence in the last several years, with this year seeing a huge increase in explosions and bombings across the entire country.

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