Brexit Derangement Syndrome: Pro-EU Newspaper Launches ‘REMAINER’ Passport Covers

NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP via Getty Images

An anti-Brexit newspaper has launched a “REMAINER” passport cover for readers who wish to display their continued loyalty to the European Union.

The covers, launched as part of a new subscription offer, will be in the burgundy colour set to be replaced by the old Brtish blue after Brexit.

They will sport a mock coat of arms featuring a portion of the British flag in one corner and a portion of the EU flag in another, and “48%” and “People’s Vote” in the remaining two — with the latter slogan referring to the shambolic and effectively defunct campaign to make the British people vote on Brexit for a second time.

The coat of arms is flanked by two Scottish unicorns — minus the crown and chain which symbolises the Scottish royal line, for some reason — with no English lion, and the “BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT” slogan used by the Liberal Democrats as its motto.

The passport cover will also feature the word “REMAINER” in large print at the bottom and “European Union” above “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” at the top.

The New European‘s fixation on the British passport is curious, given they were among the many Remain-leaning outlets which derided Leave voters for their hope that Brexit would mean a return to the old blue colour it had sported before the introduction of the current European burgundy.

An article published by the newspaper in 2017 compared blue passports to other features of the past, such as “jail for being gay; mental patients being strapped to beds and zapped with electricity; cholera; child labour; world wars; workhouses; [and] slavery.”

The article further suggested that blue passports would be “a symbol of regression, narrow-mindedness and delusion”, fit only to “disdainfully slap Brexiteers on the back of the head.”

In 2018 the newspaper published an article by left-wing columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown — who broke down “sobbing and sobbing” in a shop after Boris Johnson won his 2019 snap election — excoriating the “the dull small island life, grey, inward, with shops full of pies and chips and blue passports in our bags” of the Brexit Britain of her imagination.

She also derided the British as “street people, ill-taught, used and betrayed by manipulative scoundrels, [who] cut us off from our continent” by voting for Brexit, and who “still vapour and fume and brag” about it.

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