Broadcaster Apologises for ‘Jesus is a F****t’ Song – to LGBT Community


French radio broadcaster France Inter has apologised to the country’s LGBT community following the airing of a song with the title “Jesus is a Faggot”.

The song, which was a parody of the song “Jesus is coming back” from the 1988 comedy film La vie est un long fleuve tranquille, was sung by comedic songwriter Frédéric Fromet, who sang, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is a faggot LGBT member from the top of the cross, why did you nail him, why did you not fuck him,” Le Parisien reports.

The LGBT activist group the IDAHO Committee slammed the broadcast, with its president Alexandre Marcel stating that the group had filed a complaint with the Paris Prosecutor’s Office on grounds of homophobia.

“Whether Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha are homosexual, trans, bisexual, or queer does not bother us; that homophobic curses are used to talk about their sexual orientations bothers us and shocks us,” Marcel said.

Frédéric Fromet later apologised to the LGBT community for the song, saying: “I was so misunderstood that I even ran into an LGBT association. So it’s my fault. I readily admit it. I apologise to the people I have injured, while claiming my right to make mistakes in an exercise that remains very perilous.”

LGBT associations were not the only ones to be offended by the song, although it seems they were the only ones to receive a direct apology.

Conservative mayor of Beziers Robert Menard condemned the song, saying: “The ‘rebels’ of our time: cowards, submissive, without talent.”

He added that the singer picked on the Christian faith because they did not want to risk the “burst of a Kalashnikov”.

The broadcast of the offensive song comes after months of church attacks in France, with the country seeing an average of three attacks per day, according to a report released last year.

Earlier this week a man in Toulouse was arrested in connection with a church attack in which verses from the Islamic Qur’an were written on the walls of the building.

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