Grooming Gangs Whistleblower: Police Who Turned Blind Eye to Abuse Must Be Prosecuted

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Senior police officers who turned a blind eye to Muslim grooming gangs as working-class white girls were pimped and raped must be prosecuted for misconduct in public office, an ex-detective who blew the whistle on abuse in Manchester has said.

“These are not mistakes — I want to make it absolutely clear — these were deliberate acts to bury and ignore the abuse of many, many vulnerable children,” said Maggie Oliver, formerly of Greater Manchester, after yet another probe into the industrial-scale abuse of young, very often underage, and predominantly white girls by gangs of “predominantly Asian men” found that the authorities had been well aware of what was going on but did little or nothing to intervene, partly for fear they would be accused of racism.

One police source even told The Telegraph that officers were actually “told to try and get other ethnicities” while the abuse was going on — such was the force’s fear of racism accusations.

“My real anger about the whole of this 15-year journey is that the report makes it very clear that we had absolutely sufficient evidence to prosecute these serial paedophiles, and for that we need accountability,” insisted Oliver.

“This was gross criminal neglect at the top echelons of Greater Manchester Police. Covering up the truth,” she added.

“For me, accountability means taking those senior officers who made these decisions in front of a court. They should be charged with misconduct in a public office.”

Chief Constable Dave Thompson, who leads West Midlands Police, was a divisional commander in Greater Manchester Police at the time of the abuse, and identified in the probe as “Chief Superintendent A”.

Thompson claims to have “no recollection” of the events the probe describes, however, and insists that while “It is clear Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council should have done a better job [and as] a member of the force at that time, I am very sorry we did not do a better job”, he is “very clear I would not have closed an investigation”.

Multiple probes into grooming gang abuse have now deemed that law enforcement, council services, and other authorities failed in their duties with respect to the time being, but few — if any — of those involved have faced charges, dismissal, or loss of pensions etc.

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