Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Meets With President Trump at White House: ‘Great Things Ahead For Our Two Countries’

JACKSON, MS - AUGUST 24: Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, right, greets United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage during a campaign rally at the Mississippi Coliseum on August 24, 2016 in Jackson, Mississippi. Thousands attended to listen to Trump's address in the traditionally conservative state of Mississippi. (Photo by …
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Nigel Farage met President Donald Trump Thursday evening at the White House, prompting him to observe “there should be great things ahead for our two countries.”

The Brexit veteran revealed the visit to the Oval Office where he had a “great meeting” with President Trump amid a week of meetings and events in the United States for the British political trailblazer.

When Farage met with President Trump immediately after the 2016 election — receiving the honour of being the first British politician to do so — he lobbied the President to return the bust of British wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill to the Oval Office which had been removed by President Obama. Mr Farage made reference to that episode Thursday night in his notes on his visit to the Oval office, writing that it was “good to see the bust of Winston Churchill”.

In a note of optimism — common to both the Brexit leader and President Trump, who frequently speaks about his hope for a strong trade deal between the UK and the U.S. in the new post-Brexit world — Mr Farage concluded: “there should be great things ahead for our two countries.”

A White House source confirmed to Breitbart London the Oval Office meeting took place Thursday evening.

Mr Farage has already said he intends to spend much more of 2020 in the United States, presumably to campaign for President Trump. In the meanwhile, he has also vowed to keep an eye on British politics, promising to stage a comeback if the nominally conservative government of Boris Johnson breaks its promises on delivering a real Brexit.

Earlier in the week, Mr Farage had been present in the gallery for the State of the Union address, an occasion he reflected on afterwards, drawing comparisons between the petulant behaviour of the European Parliament President and House Speak Nancy Pelosi, tearing up the President’s speech.

Speaking at a convocation of Liberty University on Wednesday, Mr Farage noted how the European Parliament President had turned off his microphone, silencing his final ever speech to the body before Britain left the European Union last Friday. He said of Pelosi: “she made herself look even worse than the president of the European Parliament. Bad behaviour! What she was doing was dishonouring the occasion, dishonouring herself, and dishonouring the position of speaker.”

After his speech, Mr Farage was awarded with an honorary doctorate of laws by the university, an honour he noted he shared with President Trump, who has also been so honoured by the institution.

Breitbart London has approached Nigel Farage and the White House for comment about Thursday’s meeting.

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