Watch: Project Bollocks – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy Spews Nonsense About Brexit

US Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, speaks during a press conference about the Senate impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 22, 2020. - Republicans and Democrats battled over summoning high-level White House witnesses Tuesday in a marathon first day of …
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Britain is now in ‘chaos’ and ‘pandemonium’; crops are rotting unharvested in the fields; manufacturing is tanking; the UK economy is expected to shrink by 7 to 10 per cent; tensions are rising on the Irish border; the risk of war has increased dramatically…

No, not actual reality: just a scary glimpse into the warped and overactive imagination of Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Murphy has been tweeting out his fantastically stupid and wrong opinions on Brexit to any Americans foolish enough to take him seriously.

As you may have guessed, none of the ‘facts’ in Murphy’s video guide to Brexit is actually true.

Let’s take a closer look at some of his claims.

Murphy: ‘Brexit isn’t good news for the U.S. or the United Kingdom.’

JD: Not if you believe in the healing power of corrupt, sclerotic, anti-democratic, over-regulated, overtaxed Socialistic superstates, no. But great news for everyone else both in the U.S. and the UK. Finally, we can strike trade deals that will benefit us all. Plus, the Brexit revolution is the Trump revolution.

Murphy: ‘After World War II the European Union was created to integrate Europe economically and politically, in order to prevent conflicts like that from ever happening again.’

JD: Nope. The ‘stops war’ excuse was tacked on later, once it became clear how few justifications there were for the EU of any kind. Originally, though, it began life as a protectionist trading bloc. Nothing to do with the War — NATO can take the blame for peace in Western Europe.

Murphy: British nationalists, a small but vocal part of the Conservative coalition in the UK believed EU membership undermines British sovereignty.

JD: The EU does undermine British sovereignty. The majority of new British laws emanate from the EU; the EU Commissioners who make all the key decisions cannot be voted out of office by the electorate; Britain isn’t free to negotiate its own trade deals and is bound by all the EU’s policies on matters like immigration, the environment, labour regulations etc.

Oh, also – this ‘small but vocal’ group of British nationalists. If they’re really so unrepresentative, how come they won the EU referendum?

Murphy: Supporters of Brexit just lied about the economic benefits of leaving the EU. They pushed unfounded fears of immigration from Europe.

JD. None of the claims on the campaign trail made by Brexiteers were anywhere near the levels of cynical, orchestrated mendacity by the Remain Establishment. The globalist elite from President Obama to Christine Lagarde the then head of the International Monetary Fund; from Bank of England governor Mark Carney to Chancellor George Osborne; the BBC, the City of London, the academics – all of them whipped up a Project Fear campaign full of extravagant nonsense about the disasters that would evade if Britain voted Leave: massive unemployment, a tanking economy, water shortages, strains of super venereal diseases. None of these doomsday predictions came true. But Britain is now free to decide its own immigration policy (whereas previously, it was obliged to grant free movement to all EU citizens, including some of those 1.2 million or so Muslim ‘refugees’ Chancellor Merkel decided to inflict on the Continent). Britain has the strongest performing economy in Europe. Germany’s, on the other hand, is on the brink of recession.

Murphy: Already there is pandemonium in Britain. Crops are rotting because farmers can’t recruit people to pick them; European nurses who are work there are unclear whether they’ll be allowed to stay; manufacturers who rely on fast shipping times are cancelling investments; retain is now projected to contract 7 to 10 percent due to Brexit.

JD: These are just warmed-over claims from the Project Fear era. None of them is accurate. The British economy is booming and manufacturers are now investing from a position of certainty.

Murphy: As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, I’ve been closely watching this.

JD: America, you’re really not sending us your best, are you?


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